Kajura online and in person running coaching services by Jyri Manninen

Improve your running form – run more efficiently

Run faster – achieve new personal best times

Run further – complete a half or full marathon

Learn to enjoy your running – have more fun!




2 x 60min sessions including:

  • running technique analysis (incl. with video)

  • learning form drills and dynamic stretching techniques to improve performance

  • discussion & advice on your future running needs

  • complimentary copy of my ebook Life on the Run

Contact me for more info and to book your first session!

* 50% of package fee deducted from any 12-16 week training programs

As an Athletics Australia accredited professional running coach, my primary focus is to show people how to really enjoy their running, as well as how to make it an integral and satisfying part of their lives. Everything else, such as achieving personal best times, completing a marathon, or maybe losing some weight, comes later. However, I do also offer much more intensive coaching for serious athletes who are mainly focused on improving their performances.

All the running programs and coaching are available as both online and in-person (1-on-1 and small group) services. They're suitable for people of all levels of fitness and different life situations, but always with the goal of developing better and happier runners ...

... and most importantly, every program is personally designed by me from the ground up to meet each runner's own unique needs and specific goals.

To discuss your personal running coaching needs and how I may be able to assist you, just send me your message and/or contact request via the connect page


eBooks on Running

Life on the Run running coaching ebook by Jyri Manninen


Life on the Run will show you how to run with greater purpose and poise, as you learn to re-explore your world with a smile on your face.

Over 175 pages of essential theory, practical sessions, challenges and  5K training programs - everything new runners need to get moving the  right way. All in a beautifully crafted e-book.*

* includes an additional 60 question review quiz

Nyt myös suomeksi!

Elä Juosten 

Life on the Run free running hints and suggestion ebook by Jyri Manninen


If you’re thinking of getting into running, or if you’ve already started out, but you’re still in the initial "Help, I don’t really know what I am doing!" stage, then this document is for you.

This is a completely free resource created by the Life on the Run team to help and support new and beginner runners. It provides a collated list of hints and suggestions from other runners, both experienced and beginner alike, as well as coaches and personal trainers.



"By following the multi-faceted training program that Jyri designed for me, I was able to achieve a personal time at the 2015 Stockholm Marathon. Even though my own belief for achieving that goal wavered at times, Jyri provided me with ongoing advice and just the right encouragement whenever I needed it. It actually felt like he knew my own limits better than I did! I certainly know who I will choose as my coach for my next marathon project."

Lauri Aarnio, cofounder, Motivade Ltd - Espoo, Finland (Marathon PB 3.32, Stockholm 2016)

"Through our many talks and coaching sessions, Jyri has helped me immensely with my running. Thanks to his advice, numerous tips and tremendous knowledge, which he has transmitted with confidence and a wonderfully positive attitude, I've been injury-free and improving steadily, both on and off my feet. I feel that the wall I was banging up against has now been torn down and new horizons have opened up. This has made it possible for me to enjoy my running, as well as my life in general, more than ever."

Joost De Raeymaeker, Photojournalist - Luanda, Angola (Marathon PB 2:27, Tokyo 2018, at age 50)

"I sought out Jyri’s running coaching services as I wasn’t enjoying my running anymore due to ongoing shin splint issues. One of the biggest problems I had was that I didn’t know how to correct the running technique related issues I had, even though I was aware I had them! Jyri’s positive and focused approach to coaching not only gave me lots of additional motivation to develop my running form, but also simply want to run more. During our four coaching sessions, I learned a lot - most importantly, I’m now able to have greater awareness and feel for how I should run, as well as how to continue to develop my own personal running form over time. Although my training program is still only at the beginning stage, I’ve already received so much knowledge and motivation from Jyri for how to not only run technically better, but also pain free."

Kiira Tiensuu, 22 year old student - Turku, Finland


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If I'm free, it's because I'm always running. - Jimi Hendrix

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